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Dear Valued Customers, Greetings!
Vavimex is a manufacture about Biomass product in Viet Nam. We with several years of experience about producing and supplying to our customers all over the world.
The company was established in 2015, Seeing the situation because of too much raw materials are wasted by plants in Viet Nam and also be aware of warming global and additional fossil fuel use to make energy are limited as well. We are conscious, that problem is not only in a Specific Country but also in Universe.
In order to recycle current waste materials, we with Pioneering spirit, Being adapted and always with willing to save natural resource and save end users cost we would like to bring variety of Biomass products that can save more cost and make our environment fresh when replacing Biomass products with fossil products to make energy. That has been a our pleasure to being a part of campaign that reduce current pressure of environment in the world.
At the same time, we with mission always encourage and remind our manufacturers to never stop improving the quality of our products such as enhance product of calories reduce ash content as well and increasing producing efficiency, reduce lost cost in processing as well. To achieve the goal we always keeping track of our processing and have serious discipline system so that control quality of product.
That is the reason why we confidently believe that we have enough ability about Quality and Quantity to supply large volume of long-term stability for the above commodities.
Factory is supplying to Korean customer, Indian customer and European market and Mid- east market. Corresponding with reputation several years work in Biomass energy field we commit always accompany with our value customer additional we are enough confident to serve and make profit to maximum for our customer.
Beside Export Vietnamese Product in oversea, we are a partner of some the most Famours Lighting brands from Germany, Italy, Spain, UK...etc. Our product is providing to Premium Segment 
Vavimex have been trading various types of Luxury Decorative lighting indoor, Outdoor lighting, swimming pool.
Currently we are supply luxury lighting to serve to Serveral Luxury apartment project, Mall and Villas in Ho Chi Minh and many Provinces in Viet Nam.
Vavimex company with pioneering spirit lead to creation, innovation and enthusiastic service to customer. We always value trust in business highly. That are the reasons why we deserve customer’s belief.
Vavimex Team.